Steam Intensifier

The Steam Intensifier was the power pack for the Davy Press. It was used to further increase the pressure of hydraulic fluid stored in the Hydraulic Reservoir before the fluid could be used to power the Davy Press. The Steam Intensifier is a 3m tall cast iron and steel cylinder that houses a hydraulic piston with a rod connecting to a much smaller cylinder and piston pair. 

Davy Steam Intensifier with operation lever in front. The Steam Reservoir is visible in the background

When steam was added to the head of the Intensifier, the difference in diameter between the two cylinders created a pressure differential used to effectively increase the pressure of the hydraulic fluid via a series of valves and rams. The Davy Press operator used a lever to open the main valve between the Intensifier and the Press, allowing the ‘intensified’ hydraulic fluid to enter the head of the Press at the enormous pressure required to power the machine.


Dimensions: 3m tall
Material: Cast iron and steel
SHI No.: 4745002



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