Filming, Photography, Drone GUIDELINES & APPLICATION

Photography, Filming and Drone Guidelines

- Professional/ commercial photographers and videographers must submit an application via the above request form. This takes 5 business days to approve.
- All drone photography/videography must also be approved beforehand, even if it's for personal use.
- Where permission has been granted and where possible, avoid capturing any content in a way that directly identifies customers or any tenants (including signage)
- Crews and content creators do not have the permission to film inside tenant areas.
- Roads must not be blocked or closed at any time.
- Eveleigh Works is not accessible to general public given it's safety requirements around machinery and hot works activities
- See below map for the public domain areas approved for photography and filming:

 South Eveleigh Photography Filming Map


Email if you have any questions. 

Security is available 24/7 on (02) 9209 4666. The Security office is located halfway along Mitchell Way, directly across from the main entry to Data 61. In the case of an emergency or for lost property please contact Security.

Register your details in the application form below for professional photography, videography and drones operation at South Eveleigh. Please allow for processing times when submitting an application. Please also note that completing this form does not guarantee a booking, we will be in touch regarding your request.

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Completing this form does not constitute an instant booking. The request will be reviewed by a member of the South Eveleigh team and you will be contacted within two business days.