Award-Winning Locomotive Workshop

The Locomotive Workshop at South Eveleigh has won two awards in 2023, including a Best Heritage Development Award and an INDE. Award.

The historic site has been awarded Best Heritage Development at the 2023 Property Council of Australia Innovation & Excellence Awards. The award recognises the revitalisation of the iconic Locomotive Workshop to reveal and celebrate the heritage of the site, delivering a unique new workplace, culture and heritage hub for Sydney. With the design philosophy focused upon creating a great urban experience, the Locomotive Workshops will become a new destination, making a positive contribution to Sydney and its rich heritage.

Locomotive Workshop at South Eveleigh has won the Property Council and INDE Awards


The Locomotive Workshop has also won the ‘Work Space’ category of the 2023 INDE. Award, which celebrates exceptional innovation and creativity within architecture and design across Indo Pacific. The workspaces within Locomotive Workshop pay homage to the building's heritage by skillfully blending its historical elements with contemporary design. The interior has been thoughtfully reconfigured to make the most of its original features, providing a modern and collaborative workspace suitable for a diverse range of high-tech tenants and users.

Locomotive Workshop at South Eveleigh has won the Property Council and INDE Awards


Congratulations to the Mirvac project team and all our wonderful partners, including Sissons Architects, Curio Projects and Buchan, as well as to our co-owner Australian Retirement Trust, who have all helped bring this amazing project to life.

Photography credit: Simon Whitbread/ Sissons


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