Sustainability at South Eveleigh

Planet Earth is still the only liveable planet we have. Transformative actions are crucial to revive and reset our exhausted natural world to create a better, greener future for all.  

South Eveleigh strives to continually reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the planet. Here are some of our initiatives in achieving sustainability:

We are powered by 100% renewable electricity. 

400-500kW Photovoltaic solar panels are installed on all buildings. These panels collect the sun’s light and convert the energy to electric current which becomes a power source.  

Double glazed curtain walls are applied to the facades of all buildings. This minimises solar heat gain / less energy spent on heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Rainwater harvesting systems for toilet flushing and cooling towers are installed in the Axle and Foundry buildings.

LED lighting on all buildings – LED lights are superior in the sustainability rating due to the following points:

  • Energy-efficient - Less energy consumption than other types of light bulbs.
  • Safe - They don’t contain harmful chemicals and materials
  • Long-lasting - LEDs can last up to 20 years and more – longer life span means less waste.
  • Recyclable – LEDs are made of recyclable materials. Please note that you need to take them to special drop-off locations as they need to be dismantled. They are made of different parts that can be reused, repurposed or recycled. Find out how you can recycle your light bulbs correctly in Sydney here. 
  • Low heat – LEDs don’t experience as much heat loss as other light bulbs due to their efficient design and lack of filament. LEDs are safer as it minimises fire hazard.  

Water-efficient fittings with highly rated WELS (Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards) are installed on buildings.

South Eveleigh utilises highly efficient mechanical plants and equipment.

The Locomotive Workshop is currently being redeveloped to achieve 5.5-star NABERS Energy and 4-star NABERS Water ratings. NABERS is a national rating system that measures buildings’ energy efficiency, water usage, waste management, indoor environment quality and its environmental impacts.  

The Foundry Building South Eveleigh


The Axle and Foundry buildings have been awarded 6 Star Green Star, which signifies ‘World Leadership’. Founded by the Green Building Council of Australia in 2003, the Green Star is an internationally recognised rating system setting the global standards of sustainability in buildings and places. This is a testament that South Eveleigh is at the forefront of sustainable and environmentally focused design and construction. 

The Axle and Foundry has also achieved 6-star Energy and 5-star Water NABERS rating.


We are proud to be the home of pioneering companies and retailers who also aim to be exemplary trailblazers in sustainability.

World Environment Day 2022

  • CSIRO’s Data 61 is at the forefront of research, digital science and technology innovation in solving environmental challenges. Some examples of their work include ASPIRE, a marketplace dedicated to waste reduction and INDRA, a data analytics platform that delivers data-driven insights including climate and natural hazards.
  • Cicada Innovations is a deep tech incubator supporting start-ups and scaleups in engineering innovations and tangible science discoveries that solve the world’s most pressing issues such as climate change, generating clean energy, discovering sustainable materials and more. 
  • Re is the world’s first no-waste cocktail bar, using drinks and food using surplus produce, secondary cuts and by-products. Their sleek interior is also constructed using innovative recycled materials. 
  • Lucky Kwong fosters collaborations with sustainable food producers to locally source the freshest ingredients for their menu.  
  • Yoho Loco uses 100% compostable cups from I AM NOT PAPER. Everything including the lid is made from plant by-products.
  • Priceline’s ‘Greener Together' program accepts any beauty products empty bottles and containers and recycling them into something new.

We hope this will inspire others to join us in the journey to sustainability and let us all work together to be planet positive!

Take initiative, educate yourself and learn more here.