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South Eveleigh are thrilled to have collaborated with the wild and energetic team at 107 Projects to create a temporary public artwork series that reflects our joint commitment to support emergent artists. Below you will see and hear how these projects came to life.

'CHAORDER' - Beth Radford

'CHAORDER' explores patterns, progression, symmetry and sequence, and its counterpart chaos, unpredictability, and the incalculable interactions found in the natural world. Artist Beth Radford has used her background in finite mathematics to inform her work and creative process.

From Beth Radford: “I have always been curious about the relationship between order and beauty. The natural world is intricately ordered, full of pattern and progression, symmetry and sequence, repetition and replication. Yet it is also chaotic and unpredictable due to the incalculable number of influences and interactions that affect existence. My paintings always begin with a highly structured pattern, most recently I have endeavoured to create patterns that imply movement and fluidity. These patterns are coloured in such a way as to heighten their kinetic effect.”

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