South Eveleigh Weekenders

Enjoy weekend projects such as getting your hands dirty in the garden with Clarence Slockee, making the perfect cocktail with the team at Yerrabingin and stepping into the world of wholefoods with Harry from Egg Of The Universe. 

Egg of the Universe - Make your own Almond Milk

Home-made fresh almond milk. Using activated raw almonds and filtered water, this simple recipe is a dairy-free milk alternative and ideal for smoothies. And you can use the leftover meal for baking.

Egg of the Universe - Crushed Garlic tips & Salad Dressing 

Harry Lancaster from Egg of The Universe Wholefoods Cafe shows us how to make a delicious and nutritious lemon, garlic and olive oil dressing. Perfect to drizzle on any salad.

Clarence Slockee shares tips on how to establish plants from cuttings

Clarence Slockee takes cuttings from South Eveleigh’s Native Rooftop Garden and demonstrates how to establish roots for planting. 

Yerrabingin Cockail Hour

Cocktail Hour is back with Christian Hampson from Yerrabingin and Chris Thomas from Tippled. This week we’ll be sipping on a crowd favourite, the Margarita! 

Growing Balcony Gardens with Clarence Stockee

Clarence from Jiwah demonstrates how to best create and maintain a garden perfectly suited to your balcony.

Cocktail Hour with Christian Hampson

Did someone say Daiquiri? Get the cocktail shaker out and get ready for a good time with Christian Hampson from Yerrabingin Rooftop and Chris Thomas from Tippled.

Growing a home veggie garden

Clarence Slockee from Gardening Australia and South Eveleigh's very own landscape and horticultural designer, gives a lesson in selecting the best veggies to grow at your home.


Choc Chip Smoothie

Join Harry from Egg of the Universe as he whips up a green mint choc chip super smoothie.

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