Locomotive Street

Culture and Heritage Based Activities

Today visitors can enjoy close encounters with old machinery, traditional trades and tradespeople, while taking advantage of all of the modern conveniences that an urban environment can offer, including an eat street and retail offerings. While South Eveleigh and the Locomotive Workshop are of historical or technological significance, they are also filled with human stories and activities.

From across the site’s most recent use as a place of industrial and technological innovation, to a pre-European history of the Gadigal people enjoying its tranquil sandhills and wetlands, there are many stories to be told. The visitor experience of South Eveleigh and the Locomotive Workshop will soon offer self-guided tours, insightful installations and enlightening exhibition spaces, plus the chance to meet the people who made South Eveleigh what it is today.

In the meantime, enjoy the new eat street, colourful hoardings and amazing artworks that currently feature on Locomotive Street, the long strip outside the former Locomotive Workshops. It has been reimagined from an industrial hub and transformed into a destination which offers a place to work, eat and play.

locomotive workshops redfern
steam boilers redfern eveleigh
indigenous rooftop farm