gardens & community spaces

 South Eveleigh is for everyone.

Eveleigh Green is an open space for the community to use at any time. It’s an ideal spot for mothers groups during the day, parents catch-ups of an evening, or a weekend get together location for adults while kids get to use the skate and scooter park, or young ones get to play in the sandpit or test their skills on the adventure playground. The free BBQs are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cultural Landscape Garden

Designed in collaboration with local Aboriginal people, the Cultural Landscape Garden contains Australian native plants, resources and materials that are utilised for toolmaking, food and medicine. It is hoped that this place will provide connection, education and celebration, through the sharing of the rich social and environmental history of South Eveleigh, to inspire the next generations of custodians. 

Eveleigh Green 

Eveleigh Green is an open space that is here for everyone to enjoy – have a picnic, walk your dog, kick a footy with the kids or just relax in the sun. Also, look out for group fitness classes, kids sport and other special events coming soon to Eveleigh Green. Public toilets and a Parents Room are available for public use. These are located on the ground floor of the Community Building, 2 Davy Road, Eveleigh.

Innovation Plaza

Located between the Locomotive Workshop and the National Innovation Centre - home to Cicada Innovations, the Plaza is the main pedestrian pathway to and from Redfern Station.

Innovation Plaza is a great spot to sit and enjoy the dappled sunlight among the plane trees in summer or sit at one of the smart outdoor work stations while being warmed by the winter sun. It is also fully equipped with seating, dining tables as well as ping pong tables.

Skate Park

Our amazing, award-winning plaza-style skatepark has all the goods. Designed by skate park specialists Convic, the space reflects the inner suburbs of Sydney with its custom brick transitions, industrial steel elements, granite ledges and pavers all inspired by the proximity to our historic locomotive yard. While it’s the perfect spot to perfect your ollies, kickflips, drop ins and grinds, in 2020 it also received the prestigious Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) Awards in the Urban Design Category. Lights out at 9pm.

Village Square

With the magnificent Interchange Pavilion artwork acting as a beacon and meeting point, Village Square is a flexible space suitable for outdoor office work, meetings and social gatherings, or simply for sitting and enjoying lunch. It provides both shaded and open grass area in addition to plenty of seating. 

The Entry Garden

The iconic heritage water tower at the top of the elevated Entry Garden gives visitors a first insight into the rich history of South Eveleigh. The Entry Garden is a direct gateway to South Eveleigh from Redfern Station and is used by commuters, residents and cyclists alike.

This elevated garden also provides an abundance of space to relax, work and to enjoy a range of events. There is also a lift and accessible ramp at the Entry Garden, just a short walk from Redfern Station, on the corner of Cornwallis Street.

Community Building 

The Community Building features Egg of the Universe café & yoga studio, a Bodyfit gym, Honey Bird Child Care Centre and a multipurpose community space. It’s also home to Australia’s first Indigenous Rooftop Garden. There are public toilets accessible on the ground floor of the Community Building and they are open from 7am to 7pm every day.


Much loved by local families, there is a large playground with traditional and adventure play elements suitable for children of all ages outside the Community Building. Enjoy a coffee while your toddler enjoys the sandpit or the older ones explore the tree house and make their own fun on the adventure play elements. There is also a water fountain. Toilets and a Parents Room are located in the nearby Community Building.


BBQs are available on a first-come, first-served basis at Eveleigh Green and in the Cultural Garden. There are public toilets accessible on the ground floor of the Community Building and they are open from 7am to 7pm every day.

Community Rooftop Garden

The South Eveleigh Community Building Rooftop Garden features an Indigenous planting theme showcasing a variety of native edible, cultural, and medicinal plant species. The garden brings life to South Eveleigh’s rich Aboriginal culture and heritage, through an engaging and educational experience. Workers, visitors and the local community are encouraged to participate in a range of activities throughout the precinct to learn about First Nations culture, native plants and Aboriginal land management practises. 


If fitness is your focus, there is also an outdoor gym, scooter park and a choice of three all-weather sports courts (futsal, tennis, basketball and mixed-use) to take advantage of. Open to the community, workers and residents, bookings can be made here.