Community Grants

South Eveleigh is committed to making a positive contribution to our community. Grants can play an important role in community development and support active participation within communities. They empower the community to address issues that matter to them and take the lead on projects to enhance community life.

We are pleased to announce that our 2020/2021 Community Grants program is now open and taking applications.

This year we have made a few small changes to ensure we can continue to help the community as much as possible. The maximum financial allocation for any single grant will be up to $5,000. This will allow Mirvac to assist more organisations in need following recent heightened demand.

You will be able to apply at anytime until June 2021. All applications will be assessed in cycles, these being:

  • Cycle 1 - by 7 December 2020
  • Cycle 2 - by 31 January 2021
  • Cycle 3 - by 31 March 2021 Cycle 4 - by 30 June 2021

At the end of each cycle, Mirvac and South Eveleigh partners will aim to deliver an outcome within the month following the end of the cycle. This mean you can expect an outcome within three months of formally submitting your application.

South Eveleigh will accept community grant applications in the following categories:

  • Local community welfare programs or initiatives, including those that assist disadvantaged groups.
  • Local education programs including, but not limited, to those involving adult education or learning disabilities. 
  • Local youth leadership programs or initiatives aimed at giving young people opportunities for self-development and community service.
  • Local technology or innovation projects.
  • Local cultural projects such as public art, cultural workshops and community art projects
  • Heritage - projects and events celebrating the history of the area.

Application Forms

Download the Application Criteria and Guidelines 

Download the Application Form 

For more information, please email or call 1800 512 252

Past Community Grant Recipients

Recipients Feb - May 2020